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Emergency Notification Siren System Info

Emergency Notification Siren System

Peninsula and Hamilton Branch Fire Districts have completed the installation of an expandable outdoor Emergency Notification Siren System (ENSS). The System will be used to warn members, tenants, and guests of an imminent need to evacuate. ENSS consists of four sirens, strategically placed within both Fire Districts.

It is possible that, in some cases, residents may not hear the sirens. Therefore, it is incumbent upon all residents to make arrangements to receive Code Red Emergency Notifications. Code Red alerts will provide the nature of the emergency and the suggested actions. Code Red registration is confidential, free and easy. Sign up at

All residents and affected surrounding areas are advised that the Peninsula and Hamilton Branch Fire Districts will conduct monthly testing of the Emergency Notification Siren System.

Monthly testing will occur on the 1st Tuesday of every month at 1:00pm.

The purpose of monthly testing is to ensure that the sirens are functioning effectively and to increase awareness of the importance of personal emergency preparedness.

Siren testing will sound for one (1) minute with a wailing tone (high to low tones). That will conclude the testing.

Emergency Notification:
In the event of a real emergency such as a wildland fire, the sirens will emit the wailing tone (high to low tones). This will continue for three (3) minutes.

When activated for an emergency, the siren will sound for three (3) minutes. If you hear the emergency alert tone, you should take the following action:
 Stop what you are doing.
 Evaluate your surroundings.
 Be prepared to take immediate self-protective action including up to evacuation.
 Prepare to receive information from sources such as Code Red, media outlets, state and local agencies.
Gary Pini
Fire Chief

Public Siren Information Release.pdf